Myra Hutton Textile Artist

Myra Hutton is a UK based textile artist specialising in hand-made felt using the ancient wet-felt method. Myra also creates other textile art work, and publishes a large range of art-led greeting cards. Myra is a Fellow of the leading UK design organisation Design Nation.

Delighted to be part of Design Nation's major exhibition 'Our Journey'

In February 2022 Design Nation launched their major exhibition, celebrating 20 years of the organisation's existence. 25 selected makers presented a fabulous diverse exhibition in the Hub at Sleaford, Lincs. Myra collaborated with fellow Design Nation member Nick Rawcliffe to create 'Luna' a unique illuminated textile art work. In this video Myra presents a personal dash around highlights of the engaging exhibition.

Myra's video dash around the wonderful Design Nation 'Our Journey' 2022

Myra on 'Capturing the Essence'

Myra talks about her approach to creating compelling and unique textile art landscapes

Myra's primary practice is the creation of lush landscapes in hand-made Merino wool felt. Here she talks about the approach she takes to create these unique pieces.

Contact Myra on myra@myrahutton.co.uk

I create art

Specialising in large scale hand-made wet felt landscapes created in merino wool and other textile materials. Myra also creates small editions of other artwork including small pictures, soft sculptures and personal pieces such as jewellery.

I create greeting cards

Myra's textile artwork forms the core of the greeting card collection published by UK based Barley Bay. Available from retailers in the UK as well as Barley Bay's own online store.

I create commissions

Myra loves making bespoke commissions for individual clients who are looking for a very personal piece of artwork. A typical commission may be a landscape featuring scenes, colours and content that have a special resonance with the individual; Myra will work closely with them to develop the desires and ideas and then the finished item.

My creations are available in the Barley Bay online store

The Barley Bay secure online store in the home for direct consumer sales of Barley Bay's large greeting card collection. The store lists a growing range of Myra's other work.