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Barley Bay the boutique greeting card publisher - Arty textile art - for your card giving

Myra's lush and detailed textile art is the bedrock of the Barley Bay greeting card collection.

Well, the title is a little cheeky because 'Barley Bay' is the boutique greeting card publisher set up by me and my partner. The first cards we published were straight prints of of artwork, and these landscape designs have remained very popular. The collection has been extended to include designs by both myself and my partner, and we now design artwork specifically for greeting cards. There is of course a lot of textile art, but also mixed media and graphics, and on some ranges we mashup both our approaches. All cards are square and are printed to a very high standard on lightly textured board, the colours and crisp details really pop out.


Through showing at trade shows such as Harrogate Home and Gift, BCTF and Spring Fair, we have built up a number of retailers across the UK, and we continue to roll out new designs.

The Barley Bay online shop provides a safe and secure means for consumers to buy the cards and also a number of other creative and art products we make and sell.

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And for all you lovely retailers and galleristas out there ... if you would like to find out more about stocking Myra's cards and/or artwork then I would be delighted to hear from you.

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